The growth of young pigs as one of the main indicators of productivity

UDC 636.082

V. Kushnerenko,

Pig livestock sector is a priority in Ukraine. Nowadays, the restructuring of large white breed of universal trend productivity in meat.
In Ukraine, in some breeding farms practiced importation of semen of boars of large white breed of foreign selections and this leads many scientists to pay attention to the quality of fattening genotypes.
Thus, at this stage of work with large white breed in Ukraine, the best genotypes European selection that significantly expands the possibilities for improving the productive qualities of domestic animals. However, this necessitates a detailed analysis of the productive qualities of pigs of different genotypes of imported breeding and study the effectiveness of their combination with each other.
As a result of the research should be noted that the genotypes of krovnistyu specialized beef breeds (Landrace) in the age dynamics were changing the proportions constitution towards improving its meat forms of the marked increase in the posterior third body (width and napivobhvat backside) and trend increasing the stretch index, massiveness, Whip kostystosti and m’yasnosti.
By most measurements of body structure and the type of young obtained by mating, held usually a middle position between maternal and paternal breeds, indicating that the additive nature of inheritance of these traits.

Key words: young, pigs, Landrace, Large White, live weight, index.

The growth of young pigs as one of the main indicators of productivity.

Issue 4 (92), 2016