M.Kundenko, O.Egorova, Shinkarenko, I.Boroday, A.Kundenko. Measurement of dielectric permeability of biological substances

UDC 614.89:537.8682730

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2018-3(99)-15

M.Kundenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
O.Egorova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
I. Shinkarenko, Senior Lecturer
I.Boroday, Assistant
A.Kundenko, Assistant
Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

Goal. Analyzing the open resonance system for changes in dielectric constant of liquid medium with mìkroob’êktami animals and determine its options with regard to geometric and electrical parameters of mìkroob’êktìv.
Methodology. While researching the State of biological objects that are under the influence of various physical factors of great importance is the selection method for the monitoring of biological objects at the moment. Thus, for measuring parameters of biological objects, you can use the following methods: light, thermal, electrical, physical and chemical. Numerous methods of measurement of parameters of biological objects noteworthy dìelkometričnì methods. The method of visokočutlivoï system dìelkometrìï in the technological process of krìokonservacìï animal mìkroob’êktìv possible on the basis of frequency auto-generator frequency to frequency resonator measuring visokodobrotnogo of mìkroob’êktami animals. To stabilize the frequency of the generator it is advisable to use dìelektričnij resonator with fluctuating ‘šepočuûčoï Gallery’..
Results. Done checking the reliability of the theoretical approaches and models that describe the process of influence nizkoìntensivnih acoustic oscillations in mìkroob’êkti animals in the technological process of their krìokonservacìï. As a result of experimental research is selected, that is to decrease the distance between the mirrors resonator, diffracted loss decreases and grows, reaching a value of < 0.4 at 0.96 , amounted to a value of-0.033 mm.
Originality. For the first time advanced theoretical studies on determination of parameters of an open resonance system for measuring dielectric constant krìokonservuûčogo environment with mìkroob’êktami animals that differ from the existing fact that take into account geometric and electrical options mìkroob’êktìv livestock and acquired a further development of the theory of analysis of frequency characteristics of lejkosapfìrovogo resonator in diode energy generators mm range, which is different from the fact that it accounted for the parameters investigated options and a number of diodes generator: frequency stabilization coefficient, band adjustment frequency.
Practical value. Determination of optimal parameters of acoustic oscillations for the influence on mìkroob’êkti of animals before their krìokonservacìêû need to change the SE krìokonservuûčogo environment rezonatornim method using the developed installation based on the Open cavities, formed by spherical and flat mirrors, with options: Aperture mirror 60 mm; the radius of curvature of the spherical mirror 110 mm; the ratio L/R 0.579; the distance from the axis of the mirrors to communication gaps 9.4 mm; resonance frequency 74.278 GHz; overloaded with q Q resonators 4120.
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Key words: dielectric permeability, resonator, fluctuations, frequency, excitement, wave guide, measurements.


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