Федорчук М. І.

Федорчук М. І., д-р с.-г. наук, професор, професор кафедри рослинництва та садово-паркового господарства, Миколаївський національний аграрний університет, Україна

ORCID http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7028-0915
ResearcherID: E-1732-2018

Selected Publications:

  1. Vozhehova, R. A., Fedorchuk, M. I., Lavrynenko, Y. O., Kokovikhin, S. V., Lykhovyd, P. V., Biliaieva, I. M., & Nesterchuk, V. V. (2018). Effect of agrotechnological elements on milk thistle (Silynum marianum) productivity. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems9(2), 156-160. https://doi.org/10.15421/021823
    https://medicine.dp.ua/index.php/med/article/view/421/446 (Web of Science Core Collection)
  2. Korchova M. M. Water supply of soft winter wheat under dependent of it sorts features and sowing terms and their influence on grain yields in the conditions of the Southern Step of Ukraine / M. M. Korchova, A. V. Panfilova, O. A. Kovalenko, M. I. Fedorchuk, A. V. Chernova, L. G. Khonenko, N. V. Markova // UKRAINIAN JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY. – 2018. – Т. 8. – Vol. 2. – P. 33-38. – DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/2018_306  (Web of Science Core Collection)
  3. Raisa Vozhehova, Viktor Ushkarenko, Mykhailo Fedorchuk, Pavlo Lykhovyd, Serhii Kokovikhin, Serhii Vozhehov. (2018). Safflower yields and quality depending on cultivation technology in the irrigated conditions. Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, vol. 7, № 2 ISSN 2285-5718, рр. 163-172. http://agrolifejournal.usamv.ro/index.php/scientific-papers/408-safflower-yields-and-quality-depending-on-cultivation-technology-in-the-irrigated-conditions-408#spucontentCitation19 (Web of Science Core Collection)
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