Kovalenko I. M.

Kovalenko I. M., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Scopus Author ID: 57193493284

Selected Publications:

  1. Kovalenko I. M. Role of coenotic relations in the formation of plant communities (on the example of the lower layers of forests of the North-East of Ukraine). Journal of Botany. – 2016. – Vol. VIII, NR. 1 (12). – P. 37–43. (Scopus)
  2. Kovalenko, I. M., Klymenko, H.O., Hozhenkol K.H., Population analysis of Asarum europaeum in the Northeast of Ukraine. Biosystems Diversity. – 2017. – № 25 (3). – P. 210–215. https://doi.org/10.15421/011732 (Web of Science Core Collection)
  3. Kovalenko G. Klymenko, Yu. Lykholat, N. Khromykh, O. Didur, A. Alekseeva. The integral assessment of the rare plant populations. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. – 2017. – № 7 (2). – P. 201–209. http://ojs.mdpu.org.ua/index.php/biol/article/view/_37/2405 doi: https://doi.org/15421/2017_37 (Web of Science Core Collection)
  4. Kovalenko, I., Klimenko, A., Yaroshchuk, R. Syntaxonomic adaptability of lower layer plants of the forest communities in the North-Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. – 2017. – № 7 (3). – P. 84–89. http://ojs.mdpu.org.ua/index.php/biol/article/view/_53/2434  doi: https://doi.org/15421/2017_5 (Web of Science Core Collection)
  5. Kovalenko, I. M., Khromykh, N.O., Lykholat, Y.V., Kabar, A.M., Didur, O.O., Nedzvetska, M.I. Variability of the antioxidant properties of Berberis fruits depending on the plant species and conditions of habitat. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 9 (1) – 2018,  P. 56-61. https://doi.org/10.15421/021807 (Web of Science Core Collection)