Growing ecologically safe areas for agricultural animals to forage

UDC 636.085:574:502.654/.654:631.6

N. Nebilitsa,
O. Vaschenko,
Y. Kryvda,
Y. Meleshko


The production of environmentally safe and organic food products is the most important problem in the world today. The successful solution of the problem of “healthy” food depends on the creation of a stable base of production of quality agricultural products.
To date, Ukraine has not formed a complete organic production infrastructure that would ensure free and transparent movement of organic material in the chain from feed production to finished product. The range of national organic products on the market is represented mainly by crop products, namely cereals, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, organic production in Ukraine is not so well developed.
Today in Ukraine a completely ‘sterile’ area is not possible, due to Geosphere transfer of pollutants, prolonged use of intensive farming systems using ultra-high doses of fertilizers and pesticides.
Producing ecological livestock feed is impossible without the appropriate high quality materials. In Denmark, there are many potential producers of ecological products, which cannot begin production of ecological pork, which is in high demand because of the lack of environmental feed. In many countries the shortage of feed is the biggest obstacle to obtaining ecological products from animals.
One of the causes of environmental pollution with heavy metals is the uncontrolled use of fertilizers in agriculture. These agrarians often use methods that prevent their accumulation in the soil. In particular it is producing- inactivators (ion exchange resins), which form a metal chelate compounds with good astringent properties.
After analyzing our research we discovered that a suitable area for growing organic products is in the Cherkassy region, in the mainly arable land Drabivskiy, Zolotoniyskiy and Chornobai regions. Remaining land areas belonging to the classes is limited and risky.
For the remediation of contaminated soils and their further use for growing organic feeds to carry-out a number of reclamation activities using rational scheme of rotation.

Key words: safe feed, livestock, soil pollution, heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides.

Growing ecologically of safe forages for agricultural animals.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016