Issue 2(90), Part 2


6. V. Lykhach, A. Lykhach, S. Kish.  Biochemical processes in the meat of pigs of different sensitivity to stress and growing conditions.
16. I. Liuta. Legislative features of the accounting support of expenses and income of enterprises.
23.  V. Melnyk, A. Stelmach, V. Kudryashova. Reproductive qualities of landrace sows’ breed in the conditions of “Mig−Service−Agro” breeding farm.
28. O. Morgun, N. Soroka.Physico-chemical and microbiological examination of fish affected by the larvae of the nematode Еustrongylides exсisus.
36. A. Berezovskiy, L. Nagornaya. Ectoparasites as factors of worsening of biotsafety in the conditions of poultry farmings enterprises.
42. I. Nazarenko. Identification and analysis of hazards in the production of sour cream.
49. N. Nebilitsa, O. Vaschenko, Y. Kryvda, Y. Meleshko. Growing ecologically of safe forages for agricultural animals.
60. O. Karunskyi, I. Nikolenko. Ways of increase of the productivity of pigs. 
70. A. Omelian. Indices of slaughter youngsters quails on condition of use feed with different levels of arginine.
78. T. Pavlova. Mass and linear growth of repair heifers with the different stake of genotype on a Holstein breed.
88. R. Palyvoda. The national food quality systems in Poland.
101. L. Patryeva, V. Groza.Assessment of preservation of quail egg-laying flock during exploiting by the use of nanosilver.
107. А. Rayhman. Estimation of full value of protein food value of forages for pigs.
117. O. Smetanina, I. Ibatullin, B. Bomko. Using of organic Cobalt for the production of high quality milk.
126. L. Strikha, A. Smorochinsky, V. Kriva, O. Krivchuk.The effect of cutting process on the physico-chemical characteristics of cooked sausages.
133. I. Fomchenko. The effect of cutting process on the physico-chemical characteristics of cooked sausages.
143. А. Homenko. Bioactive addition of SPIRULINA PLATENSIS and its use is in growing of quail.
149. І. Chernishov, M. Levchenko, І. Mazurkevich. State and potential of development of the organic pig breeding of Ukraine.
155. А. Chernikova, N. Ponomarenko. Use of prebiotics on the basis of mannan-oligosaccharides in feeding of chickens-broilers. 
161. N. Chorniy, Yu. Schepetil’nikov, А. Bondar, E. Panasenko.  Influence of abiotic factors on the cows health and productivity and on calves resistance.
171. P. Shebanin. Effect of feed supplement «Bio Plus 2B» for high quality pork.
179. V. Yurchenko, M. Dodashyants. Aquatic organisms under global warming.
187. S. Kramarenko, O. Potryvaieva. Estimation of the dairy cow’s breeding values using the linear models (BLUP).

Editorial Board Issue 2 (90), Part 2, 2016