Performance and genetic structure of maternal lines of Belarusian plant type of Yorkshire pigs breed.

4(81), 2014
UNC 636. 4.082

E. Gridiushko, I. Gridiushko.


Belarusian factory type of Yorkshire breed of pigs «Dneprobugsky» is based on the use of the gene pool of animals foreign selection, combining together with high reproductive performance, increased energy growth at a low cost of feed, which provides a highly productive getting young with a thin fat, high in meat carcasses. Pets factory type breed Yorkshire differ strong constitution, good adaptation abilities to the conditions of industrial technology and are widely used in the republican program crossbreeding and hybridization.
Use of genetic testing by genes-markers RYR, ESR and PRLR allows to improve purposely the productive traits of Belarusian plant type of Yorkshire breed of pigs, predict their performance, plan the direction of further use in the crossbreeding and hybridization system. It was determined that frequency of genotype RYR1NN with animals of Belarusian plant type of Yorkshire breed of pigs made 100%. The frequency of genotype ESRBB was within the range of 31.6 to 47.4%, the concentration of allele B – from 0.540 to 0.673. The frequency of genotype PRLRAA made 11.1%, the concentration of A allele – 0.500.
Genetic testing for genes markers RYR, ESR, PRLR allows purposefully to improve the productive qualities of the Belarusian factory type breed Yorkshire pigs, plan the direction of their further use in breeding and pig farming industry.
Keywords: Belarusian plant type of Yorkshire breed of pigs, genetic structure, genes-markers RYR, ESR and PRLR, reproductive traits. (more…)