Comparative characteristics of the reproductive ability of boars-sires of different genotypes.

UNC 636.4.082

Melnik v.
Kravchenko E.
Kogut E

The study of reproductive ability, quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm of male pigs-manufacturers is very important. It is known that the quality of sperm and sexual activity depends on how boars will be realized the potential reproductive capacity of the sow. Therefore, development of assessment of reproductive ability of breeding boars important for the process, and for breeding. When used in artificial insemination of sows farm several times increased the effect of breeding boars on the performance of the herd, so it is especially increased demand for their selection for breeding. The results of the study was to investigate the quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm of male pigs of Large White breed, Red white belt, Duroc, Landrace, Pietrain and cantor. In terms of volume of ejaculate were the best Landrace boars (386.5 ml), they are dominated by large white breed of 6.4 ml, Red white belt 40.3 mL, Duroc 95.4 mL, Pietrain 66 0 ml, cantor 34.2 ml. Concentration of sperm in the ejaculate, note the preference of boars of Duroc, who had sperm concentration 244,2 million/Ml, compared with Large White boars – advantage was 17.4%, above the Red white belt – 12.2%, Landrace – 15.2%, Pietrain – 24.5%, cantor – 18.9%. Activity spermatozoa was determined by a 10-point scale, all boars were of high estimate, but large white breed boars sperm activity was high and was 9.9 points. When evaluating boars survival of sperm outside the body of the high values of boars of large white breed – 7.5 hr., And exceeds the Duroc boars 9.9%, boars on Red white belt – 24%, Landrace boar – 17.3 % (P> 0.999), Pietrain at – 18.7%, cantor at – 21.4%. Sample of sows in estrus carried out daily using a boar-probe, as well as visually by clinical signs and behavior of the sow. The detection of oestrus in sows them is labeled and conduct artificial insemination disposable catheters in 100 ml of semen doses twice: the first time – in the morning and the second – after 24 hours. Fertilizing capacity of sperm of male pigs was determined after artificial insemination of sows non-factional way. According to data fertilizing capacity was higher in male pigs of large white breed – 88.1% and exceeded the Duroc boars, Pietrain and cantor, who had value for this indicator – 86%, 85.7%, 86.8%.
Boars breeds such as Red white belt, Landrace, this indicator inferior to all other boars and had the following values – 81.7; 83.8% respectively.