Situation of industrial offcuts of Mariupol city and their utilization

UDC 628.518:539.16

M. Fedyushko

State of industrial offcuts of city Mariupol and their utilization. The most tense areas from the point of view ecology and terms of dwelling of population are cities. It is related to the high concentration of sources of contamination of territory, them by high intensity, and also complex influence on all of the tools a surrounding environments. Urbonizovane environment is saturated industrial enterprises, transport vehicles, which influence on a natural landscape and man, determining sharpening of all of problems: resource-economic, naturally landscape, socially demographic. У Mariupol 56 industrial enterprises of different patterns of ownership operate. Industrial potential makes basis of economic complex of city. A city Mariupol makes 8% national gross product of Ukraine, having 1% from the habitants of country. After the volumes of products which is produced he occupies the first place in an area: his particle makes in volume – 32,8%.
In town two most metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine – VAT of «MMK work the name of Illicha», VAT of «MK Azovstal’» and one of most machine-building enterprises of country of VAT «Azovmash».
All of industrial offcuts are depending on their influence on soils, underground ground water, an atmosphere and health of man is divided into four classes of toxicness: extraordinarily dangerous, highly dangerous, moderato dangerous, little dangerous.
The concentration of enterprises of material-power complex and low technical level resulted in the considerable volumes of education and accumulation of offcuts. The analysis of the modern state of placing of offcuts testifies that a situation is extremely sharp.
A metallurgical production comes forward the main source of formation of offcuts. The offcuts of metallurgical production behave to low-toxic and have a fourth class of danger.
Situation in the sphere of handling offcuts in town with every year complicated. If before the most volumes of offcuts appeared on state enterprises-giants which were under hard control of the proper ecological, sanitary, public prosecutor’s and other corps, and on these enterprises plans and nature protection measures were annually developed and executed on the decline of offcuts, limiting was conducted, a situation changed for today.
A heavy ecological problem in town is created by the stores of liquid offcuts of production of, which appear as a result of cleaning of coke gas. In the first years of exploitation of coker these offcuts were warehoused on a dump, located in the back-water of the river of Kal’mius. Presently this territory is covered soil and regenerate in trash of domestic offcuts. Force-feed garbage resins ooze on a surface and drain in the river. The second store is located in a 14 km from a city in the district of settlement of Sartana. Evaporation of toxic matters in an atmosphere, filtration of them with water in soil and ground water convert this district into the area of enhanceable ecological danger. Possibilities of the biological defuzing of dump are presently studied.
The concentration of enterprises of material-power complex and low technical level resulted in the considerable volumes of education and accumulation of offcuts. The analysis of the modern state of placing of offcuts testifies that a situation is extremely sharp.

Keywords: offcuts, industry, utilization, ecological crisis, toxicness, dumps.

M. Fedyushko. Situation of industrial offcuts of Mariupol city and their utilization.


M. П. Федюшко. Состояние промышленных отходов города Мариуполь и пути их утилизации.

Рассмотрены закономерности образования и утилизации промышленных отходов города Мариуполя. Установлен класс их безопасности в зависимости от токсичности. Приведены возможные пути решения экологической проблемы.

М.П. Федюшко. Стан промислових відходів міста Маріуполь та їх утилізація.

Розглянуто закономірності утворення та засоби утилізації промислових відходів міста Маріуполь. Установлено клас їх небезпечності залежно від токсичності. Наведено можливі шляхи вирішення екологічної проблеми.

Ecological ground of indicator types of associated agrobiodiversity of North Priazov’ya of Ukraine

1(82), 2014
УДК 371.671:006


In ecology of question of classification of types of dynamics of quantity of animals examined in the aspects of exposure of conformities to the law in the variety of display and strategy of evolution. Yes, on the type of dynamics of quantity it costs to distinguish opportunism populations, which in the process of the growth give regular or casual splashes, and also stable populations which are in the state near to the state of equilibrium with the resources, their closeness stable enough Dynamics of populations can substantially differ on regional and local levels, that is well explained conception of metapopulations. Local micropopulations within the limits of metapopulations is constantly exchanged genetic material, are under act of casual drift of genes pressure of various forms of natural selection. It allows populations to support a considerably anymore genetic variety in comparing to populations. It is considered that exactly such variety and allows metapopulations more effectively to react on the changes of environment and right behind him to change the genotypic structure. For the ground of list of potential indicator types of agrobiodiversity it is necessary to probe connection of quantity of their populations with the ecological state of agrolandshаft. In ecology today grounded two lines of index of the ecological state – the level of biotvariety and closeness of populations Except for that application of modern GIS are technologies can give a considerable impulse for the decision of this problem. Accordingly, the index of MSA can be examined as an index of the ecological state of territory and to utillize him in quality of indicator after which it is possible to execute an analysis or control changes in the different types of agrobiodiversity, but connection of index with the quantity of популяцій investigational not enough. Therefore basic direction of researches consists in an ecological ground potentially of indicator types of the state of agrobiodiversity by the analysis of connection of quantity of animals and birds which are the objects of hunt with the index of MSA of territory of North Priazov’ya Ukrainividpovidno to the calculations, the index of index of MSA after the districts of researches was distributed from 0,03 (м. Mariupol of Donetsk обл.) to 0,16 (Novotroickiy a district is Kherson). Estimation of the state of current biotvariety by index approach for to підзонам, testifies on the average, that on territory of experimental agrolandshаft remained from 7 to 15 % from possible 100% generalized biodiversity. The analysis of the got material testifies that the quantity of animal population tests complex influence of natural and anthropogenic factors and selection components, which could have an indication value for determination of level of anthropogenic transformation of terms of biotvariety, are problematic. The key sign of dynamics of quantity is its complication, or «dynamic variety». Normal distribution demonstrates a simple enough «casual» dynamics with one which is characterized the mean value of quantity. Bimodal’niy or anymore modal distributing, which on determination are not such which are described the law of Puasona (normal distribution), answer the types of dynamics with the greater amount of this sense more various after the dynamic properties. The got is given testify convincingly, that anthropogenic transformation of terms of forming of biological variety conduces also to diminishing of variety of dynamics of the studied kinds-indicators.

Keywords: associated biotvariety, kinds are indicators, index of MSA, quantity. (more…)