Особливості діяльності великотоварних аграрних підприємств та їх вплив на аграрний ринок України

1(82), 2015
УДК 631.145(477)

Features of the large commodity farms and their impact on the agrarian market of Ukraine M.Pidhrebelna, B .Shuvar. Features of the large commodity farms and their impact on the agrarian market of Ukraine Over the last 10 years in Ukraine a large commodity agrarian production has become an important and in some ways leading form of agri-business in Ukraine. The appearance of the large commodity agrarian factories became the main competitive advantage of Ukrainian agro industrial complex, that allowed entering the international agrarian markets. There were operated about 60 agricultural holdings with land area of 10 hectares in 2010 in Ukraine that controlled about 4 million hectares of the farmland. In 2011 there were already about 75 such holdings, and the size of the leased lands ranged from 5 to 6 million hectares, or 14-16% of the total area of the farmland, that are owned and used by agricultural enterprises and citizens. Compared with 2013, the total holdings land bank reduced by 0.19 million hectares. Note that the share of land-use increased from 27.4% to 27.9% by excluding from the calculation of the agricultural land in Crimea. SWOT-analysis of agricultural holdings reveals the major strengths of their activities: attracting large and quality investment resources, an effective usage of investment, high yield capacity and quality of products, the ability to buy cheap and to sell expensive, and others. Among weak features there are underdeveloped stockbreedings, insecurity sufficient number of highly skilled workers. We think that the concentration of land in the hands of large agrarian producers is a direct threat to the further development of medium and small farmers. Hence, one of the areas of improvement of the large commodity agrarian enterprises should be strengthening their social orientation. To do this, the state should regulate antitrust laws under the terms of the prevailing market rent of agrarian land and strengthen its control over the activities of agricultural enterprises both large and smaller in size. (more…)

Evaluation of innovative agrarian development

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 330.341.1:63

Analysis of recent publications and research on innovation and the factors that form is made. The concept of innovation economy was presented. The generally accepted defi nition of innovation is determined. The main areas of innovation in agriculture are developed. The suggestions for the assessment of innovative agrarian development through a series of indicators and indices are made. The scheme of the basic determination of innovative agrarian development was represented. The main challenges of formation of indicators system of innovation measures were
noted. The most important indicators related to innovation processes in a business environment were pointed out. The effi ciency of innovations in order to achieve the goals of the company, in terms of social impact was defi ned. The attention is paid to the system of indicators to measure the innovativeness of European innovation scoreboard. (more…)