Condition of the agrarian land in Mykolayiv region: an environmental aspect

4(81), 2014

UNC 631.95:332.3(477.73)

С. Yakushova

The article analyzes the state of the environmental safety of agrarian land use in Mykolayiv region. The problems and prospects of development of environmentalagrarianland use in the region were defined. The land fund of Mykolayiv region is characterized by rather high bioproductive potential, but in its structure there is a high proportion of the chernozem soil type, which creates favorable conditions for productive agrarian ecological safety. As for January the 1st, 2014 land fund of Mykolaiv region is 2458.50 thousand hectares, 2006.7 thousand hectares of them (or 81.62%) is agrarian land, indicating a high level of development. Extensive land use has led to an imbalance in agriculture. Expansion of arable land to an unacceptable size for the developed countries worsened its quality status, the ecological balance of the environment, increased energy consumption. Therefore, it is important to implement the ecological-safetyland use, which will improve the soil.

Due to excessive tillage areas (84.7%) of Mykolayiv region and very limited increase of land use land it is required soul careful attitude and ecologically safety use of land. Great arable lands lead to severe erosion.

It is defined the list of measures that the government of Ukraine should introduce for the purpose of cleaner production. In order to prevent erosion should be used the following actions: to create profile reclamation area which provides differentiated land use depending on topography, soil and environmental conditions; to increase forest cover to optimal size; to implement agro-erosion measures to prevent siltation of water sources erosion products; to establish and regulate of water protection zones and coastal protection strips;  to  establish to the forest andmeadow plantations in the coastal protection strips, slopes, gullies and ravines; to arrange the drainage on agrarian lands. (more…)