Conceptual framework of regional politics resource ensuring and environmental safety

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UNC 330.15:504.06

The problem of ensuring resource and environmental safety and more efficient use of natural and economic potential of the area is a priority for each region of Ukraine. In this aspect, forming new comprehensive approaches to ensuring resource and environmental safety in the region and creating strategies for improving primary and secondary resources management based on economic models and mechanisms are becoming a priority in regional development.

The article deals with the development and scientific substantiation of the conceptual framework for ensuring resource and environmental safety of the regions of Ukraine. This framework is focused on increasing the efficient use of natural and economic potential of the area, resource preservation and substitution, which includes hazard identification and determination of areas of resource and environmental safety, that allows to select a prior strategy for ensuring resource and environmental safety of the region; selecting measures for ensuring a sufficient level of the resource and economic safety of the region on the basis of optimizing economic models and comprehensive assessment of alternative scenarios; correction and coordination of solutions.

Selecting the measures for modernization of technology of improving the resource and environmental potential of the region is based on optimization of the objective functions: minimization of damage from contamination of the environment; minimization of environmental risks for population health; maximization of sorting and recycling waste; maximization of profits from the sale of secondary material and energy resources; minimization of energy consumption in the production process, that is ensured by the maximum return of secondary resources into the economy of the region; maximization of profits from operation of the secondary resources handling system in the region, defined as the difference between income from its operations and its expenditures.

The practical implications of the work are strategy optimization for ensuring resource and environmental safety in the region, implementation of which will help to improve the resource availability and competitiveness of the region, make additional profit from the secondary resources; preserve primary resources and to improve their quality, to return contaminated lands into the economy of the region (addressing the economical and resource aspects);  minimize health risk for population from the negative impact of the waste, improve social and psychological climate in the region (addressing the social aspect); ensure preservation and restoration of the regional environment, natural state of ecosystems and entropy minimum (addressing the environmental aspect).

Key words: resource and environmental safety, region, secondary resources, solid wastes.