T. Lunkina, А. Burkovska, А. Burkovska. Features of forming socio-responsible behavior in the consumer of organic production of the agricultural sector in Ukraine

UDC 338.43:005.35


T. Lunkina

А. Burkovska

А. Burkovska


The production of organic products in the agrarian sector is decisive in solving the problems of social and economic development of the rural population and the corresponding rural areas. Organic production is intended to reorient agricultural production from intensive technologies to environmental safety, and then to organic production. The transition of agriculture to organic production is possible only as a subject of compliance with the principles of social responsibility, which are aimed at the rational use of natural resources. In Ukraine the process of creating social responsibility is somewhat different than in other countries. For example, in developed countries of the world, social responsibility is understood not only as paying taxes and contributing to charities, but also as providing the population with the food products that are safe. As for the formation of socially responsible behavior in the consumer of organic produce in Ukraine, it depends, first of all, on the level of income of the population and the level of trust for organic producers.
The article investigates features of socially responsible behavior of the consumer of organic products. The authors reveal that the domestic consumer of agrarian products inclines towards the need for local social responsibility among its producers. The main factor influencing the formation of consumer demand for organic products is the content of external and internal markets. On the basis of questionnaires, the directions of local social responsibility of agrarian business in Ukraine were established, among them: “Responsibility to employees”, “Responsibility to consumers”, “Responsibility to partners (investors)”, “Responsibility to state authorities” and “Responsibility to competitors.” A SWOT analysis was conducted on the social and responsible behavior of the Ukrainian consumer of organic products, and strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the development of organic produce in the agrarian sector were identified. The authors prove that the formation of socially responsible behavior of consumers in Ukraine today is influenced not by the main aspects of the qualitative and safety of consumption of organic agricultural products, but by the price policy of food products.
It is proved that the formation of socially responsible behavior of consumers of organic products of the agricultural sector of the economy depends on the development of the organic market in the country. The necessity of introducing organic agriculture is due to the following factors: reproduction of soil fertility and preservation of the environment; development of rural areas and improvement of living standards of rural population; improving the efficiency and profitability of agricultural production; providing the consumer market with healthy qualitative products; strengthening the export potential of the state; improving the image of Ukraine as a producer and exporter of high qualitative healthy organic produce; ensuring food security in Ukraine; improving the general well-being of the citizens of the state, etc. It has been found out that with the increase of the standard of living of the population (increase of wages, subsistence minimum) and stabilization of economic and financial development of Ukraine (reduction of inflation, stabilization of national currency), it is possible to speak about full development of society and formation of socially responsible consumer behavior on the basis of organic agricultural products.
Based on the integrated solution of the above-mentioned problems, organic production in Ukraine will become popular and will be able to enter a new stage in the development of organic agriculture in Ukraine, while forming a socially responsible consumer of organic products.

Keywords: social responsibility, local social responsibility, organic production, organic production, consumer, agrarian sector, socially responsible behavior.


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