Main features of the company’s economic potential formation in modern conditions

UDC 330.341.1:631.11

Ю. В. Ушкаренко, доктор економічних наук, професор
Херсонський національний технічний університет

Economic potential characterizes the company’s ability to obtain the highest results of production and achieve strategic goals. It depends on the availability of resources and reserves, as well as opportunities for optimal utilization based synergistic patterns and interaction of internal and external environment.
The most important condition for achieving a qualitatively new state of a company is active interaction and interrelation of all opportunities, resources and reserves.
A key principle of the company’s economic potential formation is its target orientation. A company requires different combinations of the available resources and established reserves, to use their ability and opportunities offered by the environment depending the purpose it is realizes. The purposes of the company should reflect its desire to use the opportunities, resources, reserves for the transition to a qualitatively new level.
The economic potential of the company acts as a complex system that consists of many elements with different characteristics. It is important to appreciate for forming the company’s economic potential that it is a complex economic system with certain properties.
The purpose of forming economic potential is to obtain it’s a rational structure that allows for logical relationships and interactions with factors of internal and external environment.
The result of the formation and development of the company’s economic potential is a new state of the company that will create new conditions and opportunities, resources, reserves, which is in turn the basis for the next synergistic effect. And it will provide a transition for a new qualitative state.
The company’s economic potential is forming under the influence of such factors as the purpose and strategy development, structural elements of the potential and external conditions. Internal factors associated with industry-specific and mostly characterize the technological and organizational production characteristics. The external factors include: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal.

Key words: company’s economic potential, formation of economic potential, influence on economic potential, synergy.

Main features of the company’s economic potential formation in modern conditions.

Issue №1 (93), 2017