Patyka N. Assessment of the Ukraine’s agriculture competitiveness by regions



Patyka N.


The purpose of the article is to assess a competitiveness level of the Ukraine’s agriculture in the regional aspect, to determine its competitive advantages and weaknesses, evaluate and outline enhancing directions.
Research methods. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic approach to the study of phenomena and processes and the dialectical method of cognition, which made it possible to comprehensively study the processes associated with the competitiveness of Ukrainian agriculture in the regional aspect. In order to calculate an integrated competitiveness index were used such economic and statistical methods as comparative analysis, average and relative variables, statistical groupings, trend analysis, graphic method, index, coefficient analysis, etc. The abstract-logical method and the method of generalization techniques were used to develop measures for the Ukraine’s agriculture competitiveness enhancing.
Research results. The integrated competitiveness index of the Ukraine’s agriculture by region for the period between 2015 and 2017 was calculated. It was determined that the industry’s positive dynamics was determined by the growth of gross value added, volumes of capital investments, labor productivity. Downward factors for the Ukraine’s agriculture were the increase in agricultural production costs, unprofitability in the industry and a low rate of participation in foreign economic activity. The peculiarities of the competitiveness of the Ukraine’s agriculture through the identification of economic, institutional, social and international competitiveness problems were identified. The directions of enhancing competitiveness at the state, regional and industrial levels of management were determined.
Elements of scientific novelty. In the article methodological approaches to assessing the competitiveness of Ukraine’s agriculture in the regional aspect have been substantiated. In particular, an algorithm and the instrument for assessing competitiveness have been developed.
Practical significance. Identification of systemic problems in development of the Ukraine’s agriculture by region and measures of enhancing its competitiveness will allow to develop key priorities for formation of effective policy for enhancing the Ukraine’s agriculture competitiveness.

Keywords: competitiveness, competitiveness indicators, integrated competitiveness index, agriculture, regions of Ukraine, state policy.


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