Overcoming of nternal contradictions is the principle of meat products sub complex and its further development

1(82), 2015
UNC 637.5:338.3

Muzyka B. B.

Marked and latent conflicts between its participating members have become the reason of long-term destructive crisis in meat products sub complex of Ukraine agro-industrial complex. Rational organizational and production relationships, balanced economic interests are absent between various areas of complex. Destruction of existing raw materials regions, domination of inorganic resource consuming techniques, fluctuating output indices movement of relevant products, the growth of consumer prices and meat products reduction by the public have become results of such disbalance.
1) four contradictions can be distinguished, that, turning to conflict stage, complicate renewal of meat products sub complex of Ukraine agro industrial complex:
– conflict between agricultural commodity producers and processing enterprises as consequence of discriminating pricing policy of latters in relation to the formers;
– conflict between sellers and end-consumers of meat products because of increase in prices by formers and budget restrictions of others;
– shrinkage of food supply for manufacture of meat livestock products resulting from cross-industry uncompetitiveness of meat cattle husbandry;
– implementation of World Trade Organization and European Community law principles in Ukraine economic environment, which, inter alia, prohibit realization of slaughter for home-use animals meat on the food markets;
2) it is necessary to carry out series of management measures, which should be systemic for overcoming existing contradictions or reduction in conflicts generated by them, in particular:
– providing technical and financial assistance by Ukraine central administration and municipal authorities, Canadian and American projects for the development of cooperative movement in Ukraine: the organization of trading cooperatives and the development of slaughterhouses on the co-op;
– intensification of Ukraine Antimonopoly Committee work in the direction of cartel agreements prevention on the market of meat and meat products;
– reformation of State agrarian policy in the direction of revival of large agricultural production in the livestock sector. This requires that the using of limited budgetary resources was not only address, but also followed the logic of territorial specialization;
– renewal of government procurements practice for livestock products on the part of State Material Reserve Fund and Agrarian Fund;
– providing by central administration and municipal authorities technical advices, legal and information support to meat processing plants which revive practice of the formation of suburban raw materials regions on a long-term basis.

Muzyka B. B. Overcoming of nternal contradictions is the principle of meat products sub complex and its further development

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