Issue 4 (92), 2016


3. N. Potryvaieva, I. Aheienko.  Inputs’ providing in the management of a company.
12. O. Vyshnevska, O. Кhrystenko. Adaptative approach guarantee in the state environmental safety.
23. I. Honcharenko, A. Kozachenko. Export of the regional agricultural products in the context of global trends.
33. O. Vutvutska, A. Vuborna. Soft batteries from wood waste products are as innovative energy sources.
41. Y. Kormyshkin.  Systematization and classification of the elements business infrastructure of the agricultural business.
51. S. Gorbach. Features institutional support of the regional labor market.
61. О. Bodnar. Institutional providing for rural development.
70. O. Al’beshenko. Legal-regulation of the state environmental policy.


77. V. Bazaliy, E. Domaratzkiy, A. Dobrovolskiy. Agrotechnical method of prolongation in photosynthetic activity of sunflower plants.
85. M. Korhova, O. Kovalenko, A. Shepel. Assessment energy efficiency of soft winter wheat dependence terms of sowing and seeding rate.
92. T. Sakhno, V. Petrenkova. The phenolic compounds content and morphometric parameters in sunflower differentiators under broomrape infection. 
101. V. Kushnerenko, M. Shugaeva. The growth of young pigs as one of the main indicators of productivity.
106. E. Alkhimov, V. Shevchenko, S. Pentylyuk. Hematological features of storage sturgeon (ACIPENSERIFORMES) young summer fingerlings.
114. E. Zaitsev. Correlative changeability of selective signs of suckling cattle Holstein breed.


121. V. Havrysh, M. Shatohin.  Alternative fuels and effect on agricultural machines’ efficiency.
128. V. Hruban’. Development of compositional scheme of technological module for corn-harvesting.
137. D. Babenko, E. Gorbenko, N. Dotsenko, N. Kim. The research of mechanization frecilities to obtain melon seeds.
143. A. Sadovoy. Comparative analysis weight-and-cost indicators single-phase transformers and reactors with rectangular and hexagonal cross-sections of rods of twisted magnetic core. 
154. D. Shareiko, I. Bilyuk, A. Fomenko, O. Savchenko, A. Kirichenko. Synthesis of the follow-up system based on the piezoelectric engine.

Editorial Board Issue 4 (92), 2016