The importance of agroholdization in the socio and economic development of Ukrainian rural areas

UDC 334.78:631.145:338.432(477)

I. Cherven
S. Pavliuk

Subject. In the article the influence agroholdization agrarian sector of Ukraine on socio and economic development of rural areas is discussed. It was analyzed the state of operation of agricultural holdings in Ukraine. Peculiarities of agroholdings which deal with crop production and animal husbandry, and especially their contribution to food security and rural development are considered.
Purpose. The aim is to study the impact agroholdization and to provide proposals to strengthen the social focus of their activities on social and economic development of the rural areas.
Research methods. In the research process the author used approaches and methods of economic researches assisting to the achievement of the most thorough and truthful results. The system approach and summing up were used in the research of theoretical basis of agricultural holdings operation. The monographic method was applied in comparison of different scientists’ approaches to clear up the problems of influence of agricultural holdings activities on rural development.
Research results. It was determined that despite of the positive impact of agricultural holdings activities on production development, agricultural holdings activities have significant and negative impact on the socio and economic development of rural areas. And it leads to increased rural social problems.
Results application sphere. In the article the conclusion and proposals have practical meaning and can be used for the working out the necessary preconditions and implementation principles for coordination of agricultural holdings operation and rural development strategy on balanced basis.

Key words: agriculture, socio and economic development, agricultural holdings, land use, ru-ral areas.

The importance of agroholdization in the socio and economic development of Ukrainian rural areas.

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