Issue 1 (93), 2017


3. V. Klochan, I. Bezpyata, N. Zingaieva.  The sunflower oil market of Ukraine and its development.
14. I. Cherven, S. Pavliuk. The importance of agroholdization in the socio and economic development of Ukrainian rural areas.
26. O. Kotykova.  Indication of the ecological conditions of agricultural land in Ukraine: a social unit.
38. Yu. Ushkarenko. Main features of the company’s economic potential formation in modern conditions.
47. Y. Kormyshkin.  The system of indicators and factors of effective development in agrarian business.
61. A. Grek. Modern condition of material and technical support of agricultural enterprises in Kyiv region.
72. A. Strenkovskaya. The theoretical foundations of the organizational and economic mechanism for the development of construction in rural areas.


79. L. Antipova. Absorption of nutrient elements by weeds according to the technologies of growing alfalfa for seed purposes.
86. H. Hospodarenko, S. Poltoretskyi, V. Liubych, N. Vorobiova, I. Ulianych, M. Kapriy. Characteristics of hardness and strength of caryopsides of spelt wheat depending on the variety and strain.
95. V. Rogach, O. Kushnir, V. Plotnikov. The influence of growth stimulating drugs such as Vitasyme and 6-benzylaminopurine on the morphogenesis and sweet pepper yield. 
102. O. Rudik, I. Mrynsky. Crop productivity of oil-bearing flax when applying the dual use technologies of a crop.
113. S. Lugovoy, S. Kramarenko, S. Galimov. Genetic polymorphism of the red white belted breed pigs based on microsatellite markers.
120. V. Voloshchuk, V. Herasymchuk. Indexes of microclimate in the section for rearing piglets which depend on the way of ventilating the premise.
129. Е. Petrovа, A. Smorochinskiy, R. Tribrat. The use of beef obtained from animals of different weight conditions for the production of sausages.
136. A. Lykhach. Implementation a behavioral acts of single sows of different genotypes.
144. V. Kyrychenko, S. Kot, K. Skrepets. Relation between molecular genetic markers and classes of sheep.
151. O. Kramarenko, I. Dovhopola. Peculiarities of genetic structure of the Southern meat cattle breed were based on the microsatellite DNA of loci: TGLA53, TGLA122, TGLA126 and TGLA227.
164. A. Pogorelova. The influence of temperature and light conditions at the formation of sex in rabbits of specialized meat breeds.


171. O. Kyrychenko.  Simulation of electromagnetic field characteristics for metal conductive buses with rectangular cross-section.
181. M. Dubnytska. Systematization of methodical approaches to receiving of three-dimensional information about water objects.
193. D. Zakharov. Current condition of electro-physical bactericidal and insecticidal grain products processing methods.

Editorial Board Issue 1 (93), 2017