The technology of cultivation and evaluation of boars according to their own fertility іn the SGPP “TEKHMET-UG” in Mykolaiv region

UDC 636.082:338.43

S.Galimov , candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor,
Mykolayiv national Agricultural University

The article analyzes the technology of cultivation of breeding boars in the conditions of private agricultural enterprise “Techmet-Ug”, based in Mykolayiv region. To raise repair boars, a separate room is set up, meeting all the requirements on the technology of housing, feeding and further training on the Scarecrow. The analysis of breeding boars and their fertility examined the following parameters: rate of growth (days), average daily gain (g), feed costs per 1 kg of gain (feed.ed.), in vivo backfat thickness (mm) and body length (cm).
Analyzed on their own performance, were about 137 breeding boars, including 39 heads of Landrace, 74 head pietrain, 16 heads of large white breed and 8 designated crossbred boars.
It was found that for high performance on precocity (early maturaion)found in crossbred boars, they reached a live weight of 100 kg 21.3 days earlier than boars of the large white breed (P<0.01), and 4.5 to 7.5 days earlier than the analogous breeds Pietrain and Landrace, here the difference is statistically insignificant. Analysis of the results of the control of growing boars showed that with the exception of the length of the body, all signs of productivity are characterized by high variability and have a large range: it happens that the greatest value of a characteristic of 2.0 to 2.5 times higher than the minimum values (average daily gain, feed costs, backfat thickness). From the crossbred boars at 7 months of age, best sperm production was distinguished by precocious during the period from 7 to 12 months late-maturing hog. Consistently for all estimates, regardless of the amount of ejaculate, only in the Landrace breed is the best, sperm production was characterized by boars with high growth rate. The study established that the rate of sperm production showed differences depending on the breed and age of boar. High growth rate is not always matched with the best indicators of the quality and quantity of sperm obtained, and vice versa.

Key words: pigs, boars-producers, artificial insemination, control growth, sperm production ejaculate.

The technology of cultivation and evaluation of boars according to their own fertility іn the SGPP “TEKHMET-UG” in Mykolaiv region

Issue 2 (94), 2017