Strategic directions of forming of the effective business infrastructure of agrarian enterprise

UDC 338.49.5

Y. Kormyshkin

It is set in the article that with liquidation of the state system of the centralized system of purchase of agrarian products present infrastructure sale appeared not able to provide the effective functioning of agrarian market. The row of business intermediary corporations that does not have a corresponding material and technical base and buy products on opaque charts and on dumpings prices appeared. Reasonably, that the most urgent problem of modern development of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine is forming of the civilized transparent channels of advancement of agricultural produce from a producer to end-user through development of business-infrastructure of agrarian enterprise. It is marked that the process of forming of business-infrastructure for an agrarian enterprise is continuous, has an orientation to specialization of services, to expansion of their nomenclature, upgrading. Than completer business-infrastructure, so much the better terms in that an agrarian enterprise develops most optimally.
Investigating the business-infrastructural elements of agrarian enterprise, it offers to give mind only on those strategic directions, that directly provide terms for realization of production in agrarian industry, and also commodity turnover of agrarian products to end-user and management by them, namely:
– strategies of effective development of agrarian enterprise terms of eurointegration processes of Ukraine is an achievement of such socio-economic level of organization and conduct of agricultural production, that answers modern world and euro-requirements at simultaneous maintenance and strengthening of own identity;
– strengthening of role of international organizations in forming of business-infrastructure of agrarian enterprise – through interlacing of interests of the states create the special form of international cooperation, and are the effective means of mutually beneficial collaboration in the general system of world economy;
– the institutional providing of forming of business-infrastructure of agrarian enterprise is the complex and system forming of legislative base with the aim of providing of economically-legal environment for a continuous and effective agrarian enterprise;
– activation of collaboration of agar education and science in forming of business-infrastructure of agrarian enterprise – exactly agrarian higher educational establishments that engage in research-and-developments become the most ponderable constituent of development of agrarian enterprise.

Key words: business-infrastructure, agrarian enterprise, forming, education, international organizations, institutional providing.

Strategic directions of forming of the effective business infrastructure of agrarian enterprise.

Issue 2 (94), 2017