O. Lazarieva. Strategy of Sustainable Land-Tenure Development at the Regional Level

UDC 332.2.031:005.21

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2018-3(99)-3

O. Lazarieva

The article analyses the treatises of scientists who studied the problem of the sustainable development and its various strategies; and the foreign experience of implementation of sustainable development strategy.

Also in the article the stages of the land owner strategy creation in the conditions of the sustainable development of regions are defined.

It was concluded that the overall goal of the strategy as a means of sustainable development of regions should be implemented through the implementation of the main directions of the public land policy, the creation of favorable conditions for sustainable development through regional planning, the development of highly effective, competitive land use in the innovative development context.

 The implementation of such sustainable development strategies of the regions is defined as: the strategy for effective use of the existing regional natural-resources potential; the strategy for the land management development; the strategy for marketing collateral of the land use; the strategy for economic stimulation of sustainable development; the strategy for staffing improving; the strategy for the favorable investment climate creation in the amalgamated communities.

The features of the proposed strategies are described.

It is noted that in order to achieve a sustainable level of land use it is necessary to lay down a regional program for the land use and protection within a certain region, to implement program for the top soil restoring and for the natural-resources potential and keeping it at the proper level.

The personal standpoint of the sustainable development strategy of the regions is presented, which will help to create a favorable investment climate through the achievement of regional attractiveness, to increase the farm production efficiency through the use of resource efficient technologies, to diversify the rural economy through the dispersal of rural activities.

Keywords: strategy, sustainable development, foreign experience, sustainable development strategies, stages of the strategy creation, environmental production, investment climate, region.