An analysis of safety indicators of milk in the agricultural enterprise

UDC 637. 12:006. 833

L. Patryeva,
I. Maximovа

L. Patryeva, I. Maximovа..

Milk and dairy products are one of the main of foods that are rich in protein, essential amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients. The problem of quality milk and dairy products, despite strong demand, is one of the major and painful problems of the industry, which should be given special attention. It relates mainly to non-compliant technological disciplines in the production, under the control of products for safety, in case of compulsory work for state certification (poor labeling, production in violation of recipes, not of the produce for physico-chemical parameters ).
Based on the position that today’s milk in the country is defined as a social product (after the bakery), you must provide a quantified population domestic market of dairy products, and guarantee the proper quality and safety
Today, Ukraine has an issue with cow’s milk as a raw material. This is because the predominant share of dairy products in the current market comes from farms that use only hand milking. Hence, the potential and the real possibility of bacterial contamination of milk. In addition, the added problems on the stages of transportation of products, which requires proper packaging, specially equipped vehicles and more. Based on the previous position, the quality of milk as raw material must meet safety standards.
The aim of research was to establish whether samples of raw cow’s milk obtained in an agricultural enterprise present the number of chemical-toxicological indicators of the safety of these products.
This study showed the actual concentrations of pesticides and heavy metals in raw milk. Thus, the fate of massive DDT and HCH actual concentration of the latter was below the MCL, or less than 0. 05. In the investigated samples of milk bazudynu, karbofosom, metaphos, trichlorfon were found. Regarding heavy metals, among the submitted samples of milk exceeded MPC by mass fate of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, copper and zinc were found.
Further studies should explore the safety and quality of dairy products in agricultural enterprises depending on the factors of organizational and technological nature.

Key words: Ukraine, international cooperation, production, safety, quality.

Analysis of safety indicators of milk in the agricultural enterprise.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016