Identification and analysis of hazards in the production of sour cream

UDC 637.053/.055

I. Nazarenko

In modern times in the food industry the problem of producing high-quality and safe products for people, especially dairy products becomes more perceptible. Currently most specialists examine the НАССР system to check for dangerous factors, which enables them to guarantee the production of safe goods for comsumers. Using the НАССР system to enables the removal of dangerous factors or limits them to the reasonable levels. Critical points, or dangerous factors in the НАССР system are controlled for food safety management.
The aim of this  work is to reduce potentially dangerous factors in the production of sour cream .
In scientific literature there are publications in relation to an analysis potentially of dangerous factors in the production of dairy products.
Authentication of dangerous factors was conducted by analyzing raw material, ingredients, packing and stages in the technological process. Then conducted the analysis of the dangerous factors on a three-ball scale: high degree (3 points), middle degree (2 points), zero degree (1 point). Then it was checked to see whether each dangerous factor had been controlled fully , by the application of procedures GMP/GHP.
In understanding the CCT cream production process this research aimed at resolving safety issues and provides information on how best to control hazards in the process.
Prospects for further research.The development of special-crust huvalnyh actions that will eliminate deviations and provide proper disposal of products in which the deviation occurred. Methods of eliminating rejections and waste products must be documented in the system HACCP.

Key words: HACCP system, dangerous factors, critical control point.

Identification and analysis of hazards in the production of sour cream.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016

Особливості виробництва сиркових десертів

Номер, том, частина, рік
4(76), 2, 2, 2013


І.В. Назаренко, кандидат сільськогосподарських наук, доцент
Т.Ю. Чумачова, магістр
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет, Україна

Досліджено технологію виробництва сиркових десертів в умовах молокопереробного підприємства м. Миколаєва. Обґрунтовано та вдосконалено технологію виробництва сиркових десертів на основі кисломолочного сиру з використанням в рецептурній композиції стабілізатора для покращення органолептичних властивостей та запобігання відстоювання сироватки в процесі зберігання.

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