The national food quality systems in Poland

UDC 637.072

R. Palyvoda
Bydgoszcz, Poland

We studied modern systems of food quality in Poland, analysis of factors contributing to the growth of the production of high-quality dairy and meat cattle breeding, pig breeding, poultry farming.
It has been established that the national food quality systems give Poland the opportunity to take a leading position in global food production. Implementation of the Union veterinary and hygiene standards in the process of obtaining, storage and transportation of milk, as well as their strict observance led to the improvement of the quality of milk, and the restructuring of its production contributed to the growth of commodity production. European quality and relatively low price of the Polish dairy products makes it competitive in the EU internal market and on foreign markets.
Poland is one of the largest producers of red meat in the EU.
Production of live poultry is the most intense focus of livestock in the country. Poland is the largest producer of geese in Europe.
Used production lines, as well as long-standing Polish tradition and practice of processing facilities allow to obtain meat products having diverse and exceptional qualities adapted to the differentiated needs of consumers.

Key words: Poland, quality, nutritional products, factors of production growth.

The national food quality systems in Poland.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016