Medicinal properties of honey from different regions of Ukraine

UDC 638. 162. 1(477)

A. Kitaeva,
K. Khamid,
Z. Semenova

Useful features of honey are due to biological nature of honey and its complex chemical composition. Honey has antibacterial, medicinal and dietary properties. Has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action. The composition of sugars, mineral substances, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, biologically active substances give the therapeutic effect of honey. Honey used as a tonic and restorative power tool. In some studies, honey has been used in the treatment of tumors, wounds, burns, acute respiratory diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract. At the moment not fully understood why honey has such a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity. Therefore, further investigation of the therapeutic properties of honey is relevant.
For the study used multi honey from different regions of Ukraine, collected from acacia, Linden, buckwheat, burkun, sunflower, garden plants and Raznotravie. Regardless of the age of the child, honey was used as a warm drink of chamomile, rosehip, fruit and vegetable juice, black or green tea. In the treatment of influenza, cough, acute respiratory diseases used as drinking warm milk with honey (5:1).
A positive influence of the therapeutic properties of honey in the diet of children with the full diet at the age from 3 to 16 years of age on metabolism is established. The immunity of children of all age groups has increased, the bowel movements has normalized, the excitability of the nervous system has reduced, the appetite has improved, the hemoglobin has increased. That is why honey is an effective remedy for constipation, it acts as a tonic and vitamin remedy.

Key words: honey, children, age group, diet, treatment

Medicinal properties of honey from different regions of Ukraine.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016