Experience of formation of industrial pig breeding in the conditions of agricultural private enterprise «теhmет-ug» of nikolaev area

4(81), 2014
UNC 330.341.1:63

Topiha V., doctor of agrarian sciences, professor
Galimov S., candidate of agrarian sciences, associate professor
Starodubets A., candidate of agrarian sciences
Nikolaev National Agrarian University.

In the article the example of creation of agricultural private enterprise «Теhmet-Ug» from the conduct of the industrial pig breeding is resulted. It set to work in 2003. The reconstruction of existent cowsheds on the hogcotes of the different setting such, as a hogcote with heating of machine-tools on 224 places (3 apartments) was conducted, time of lactations makes 28-30 days, and after a separation – piglings remain in a nest 15 days whereupon piglings pass to the next workshop; next workshop contains 1800 places with box-maintenance on plastic crack floors, where animals are contained during 60 days and have average daily additional weights at the level of a 550-650 gramme; pigs on fattening are contained in the reconditioned machine-tools, by the general capacity of 3000 contains, in which they are to achievement of living mass 95-105 kg, average daily additional weights are made within the limits of a 820 gramme.

In an economy the exceptionally artificial is utilized inseminations sows. Male hogs are trained, for collection of sperm on a phantom, since a 5 monthly age. The index of training of male Hogs makes over 90%. The impregnated ability of sows is 85-90%.

Completing of herd began sows and male hogs of red with a white belt breed from the leading economies of south of Ukraine. From 2005 for 2013 has status of pedigree factory on breeding of these pigs. 110 repair piggy-wiggies of large white breed of the Hungarian selection were left in 2009-2010. Indexes of the productivity, which answer modern requirements, are given.

The agricultural private enterprise «Теhmet-Ug» is the base of leadthrough of scientific and educational activity of teachers and students of Nikolaev NAU. Students annually pass educational-production practices and engaged in writing of diploma and final works. It was executed and protected a 2 candidate dissertation to the specialists of enterprise.

V. Topikha, S. Galimov, A. Starodubetz. Experience of formation of industrial pig breeding in the conditions of agricultural private enterprise «теhmет-ug» of nikolaev area.


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