Use of prebiotics on the basis of mannan-oligosaccharides in feeding of chickens-broilers

UDC 636.5.033:636.084

А. Chernikova,
N. Ponomarenko

Questions about protection and normalization of the digestive system`s conditions are of current importance for poultry producers. Last time we started to use prebiotics for stimulation growing and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in birds. Prebiotics are substances that contribute to the reproduction of intestinal beneficial microflora, which inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria, improve nutrient absorption and stimulate protective reactions. Prebiotic Aktigen was obtained from the cell walls of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is an active concentrate mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS). Actigen works effectively by the process MOS and blocks intestinal colonization by pathogenic bacteria. Actigen is a modulator of the immune system. Such action of preparation leads to normalize of mucin production that promotes healthy surface of fibers. It is necessary for better absorption of nutrients. All these leads to improve integrity of the gastrointestinal tract and effectively support of immune system. More over Actigen improves gut`s microflora.
Based on previously research of feed grain quality in the Ukrainian market, we recommended to increase the dose of Actigen from the 1-st till 21-st day of feeding. Based on the researches were found that adding of Actigen to the broiler chickens`s diet in quantity 800 g per ton from 1-st till 21-st day and 400 g of Actigen from 22-nd day till end of growing period, has positive impact on the performance. We observed increasing of live weight level on 38 g, daily average rate – 0. 9 g, safety – 1. 3% by reducing the cost of feed for 1 kg body weight increasing – 0. 03 kg. European index of efficiency of broiler chickens growing (EPEF) with Actigen using is 13 units higher. It is confirm Actigen using. The economic efficiency of Actigen using is 3 to 5 cents per head. That is why reasonable to use Actigen.

Key words: prebiotics, broiler-chickens, growing, productivity.

Use of prebiotics on the basis of mannan-oligosaccharides in feeding of chickens-broilers.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016