The sunflower oil market of Ukraine and its development

UDC 633.1:338.43

V. Klochan, doctor of economic sciences, professor
I. Bezpyata, associate professor, PhD
N. Zingaieva, assistant
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

In recent years the relationships between Ukrainian and world sunflower oil market is getting tighter due to the deepening of the international division of labor and Ukraine’s entry to the world leading oil producers and exporters. National demand on sunflower oil is only 10-15%, the remaining 85-90% is exported.
The problems of the agricultural sector, the current trend of price conjuncture of world food resources, lack of government attention to the problems of the sector create a foundation for crisis in the provision of food, including sunflower oil.
Despite the increase of refining capacity and oil production, including sunflower, there is a decrease of oil consumption fund: in Ukraine, the consumption has decreased from 13,7 kg in 2011 to 12,3 kg per person per year in 2015. It should be noted that in 2015 oil consumption does not meet standards of human nutrition, which is 13 kg per person per year. Reducing consumption per capita was related to the reduction of oil consumption of the general fund.
This trend demonstrates the economic crisis in the country where due to significant increase of prices for sunflower oil, people started limiting themselves in its consumption, which indicates the unbalanced nutrition of Ukrainians.
Despite all the political and economic negative, according to experts, the Ukrainian agricultural sector annually increases production of crops and hence, increases exports. To get started developing, we need to seek new markets. For example, Chinese market has already bought 14% of our sunflower oil. Increasing our market presence through the consolidation of enterprises enables national producers to dictate their conditions on the raw materials and finished products markets, accordingly adjust profitability and reduce the impact of competitors.
Another way of survival for enterprises under the oil-fat complex on the national market is to create its own resource base to load the capacity of processing of oilseeds. Also further integration of Ukrainian oil market into the world’s one confronts manufacturers of topical issues of improvement of the quality and competitiveness of oil and fat products. As Ukrainian enterprises, which are the world largest producers and exporters of oil and fat products must be able to compete not only with quality products, but also for the price. This involves continuous improvement and optimization of production processes to improve efficiency and reduce production cost.

Key words: sunflower oil, oil-processing industry, exports, consumption fund balance, global market.

The sunflower oil market of Ukraine and its development.

Issue №1 (93), 2017

Infrastructure information support agribusiness

UNC 330:631.1

Mykolaiv national agrarian univercity

The basic problems of development of agrarian information infrastructure services are researched in the article, some options to improve the information infrastructure of the agrarian sector are highlighted, and the basic areas of its improvement are defined.

The efficiency increase and competitiveness of the agrarian sector in modern conditions of development are closely linked to the improvement of information services at all levels of management. The study of experience of advanced foreign countries, such as research information services segment of agricultural areas, allows claiming that the accessibility of information and its timeliness is an effective factor of intensive development and improving the efficiency of agriculture.  A direct consequence of inadequate consideration of this factor is lagging in the conduction of reform and the slow development of the agricultural sector.  The most important task is to improve the information service of rural producers. An important role is given to the information advisory services.

The functioning of the agrarian sector in market conditions implies specification and development of theoretical foundations and development of practical recommendations on the formation and development of information services for agriculture.

The highly efficient multi-level information systems based on the use of new information technologies for the present conditions must be used.

To achieve these goals, firstly there is a need to solve the following tasks: the formation of the modern state database of information resources in agriculture; free access to database of information resources for public authorities and  local government; a provision of quality public services with information  for agricultural producers of all forms of property on the basis of the information system of the agrarian sector of Ukraine, information systems about market products, raw materials and products and the system of remote monitoring of agricultural land and others. We should form a standard technical and methodological base of information technology usage in agriculture on the base of analyzing the activities of public authorities that exercising powers in the field of agriculture and to develop initial data and complex technical task to create the information system software.

An implementation of measures of providing with professional advice would allow the creation of greater access for producers and rural areas to modern informational resources; also it will improve the quality of training and skill level of agricultural workers.

agribusiness, agriculture, infrastructure, information system. (more…)