State and regional measurement of agrarian production’s efficiency in Ukraine

UDC 65.011.44:338.43(477)

V. Rybachuk

Agrarian production’s efficiency in Ukraine in federal and regional measurement has its features, their researches and scientific estimation has always been actual. Transforming and present-day unstable state of the field, riskiness, conjuncture-market instability makes this problem more actual. In order to solve the problem of agrarian production’s efficiency, science develops set of approaches to its evaluation, making it possible to get the result, which is actual for peculiar period of development. Regional and federal evaluative dimension is the background for the presentation of versatile dynamics of the field’s functioning.
Agrarian production in Ukraine and its regions is extremely dynamic. Regional distribution is pretty nominal because of blurred faces and features in the process of productive forces and production relation active exchange, though it takes place. Federal and regional aspects of efficiency development may be observed in natural and territorial peculiarities principles of scientific and technical developments dissemination.In agrarian sector of economics in Ukraine and its regions the resources are used able to provide high productivity and competitiveness even without enough organizational and technological modernization. The field’s model could still be considered as resource, despite of continuous period of adaptation to competitive market. This suggestion comes from the evaluation of employment, soil resources (cultivated areas), added value volumes and their formation sources through the means of resources.In the context of given dynamics of efficiency quality aspects it’s very difficult to speak about innovations, as the investment potential of the field has decreased. The effects of agrarian productivity development to form the basis for scientific evaluation are somewhat misleading, especially in model analyses of productivity tightly connected with efficiency and competitiveness. By means of researches of efficiency we estimated that destructive system in innovative provision mechanism gives us grounds to affirm innovative model in Ukraine hasn’t been formed yet and institutional framework of its organizational design hasn’t been estimated. The type of innovation development model represented nowadays is considered to be not adapted to competitive market economics model, so it is still commodity with separate progressive features. The reason is that our science and innovation’s production-implementation system took place in uncertainty in organization-managerial field firstly, as the system was soviet so the economics was inefficient and uncompetitive.Agrarian production in Ukraine and its regions like Mykolayiv Region in the aspect of efficiency and productivity production accumulates a lot of problems. Their regional division now is pretty nominal as the world is globalized, that’s why the economics of a state, a field or a region is built-in the market objectively. However, the peculiarities take place in the researched object (agrarian production), conditioned by natural, territorial factors rural mentality, especially in the aspect of innovative development and innovations’ diffusion. The mentioned measurement is formed by government-regulated and national-specified factors. They differentiate general effects, herewith determining contours of efficiency and productivity. The last ones are considered to be consequences of some level of innovation in agrarian production, formed in the circumstances estimated by the government and market.

Key words: efficiency, agrarian production, productivity, development, gross production.

State and regional measurement of agrarian production’s efficiency in Ukraine

Conception of Innovative Model in Formation of Theory and Practice of the Development of Economic Systems

4(81), 2014

UNC 001.895:330.342

In article the theoretical and methodical provisions for evolution of innovative model’s concept in formation of the theory and practice of economic systems, in particular, concerning an essence and functional signs of innovative processes, innovations, innovative model and their implementation in the general scientific theory of public formations’ development on innovative bases are disclosed. The place of innovative model in organizational and economic mechanisms of managing as systems of introduction of results of scientific and technical progress at the level of separate global regional communities of the leading countries is shown. (more…)