Issue 1 (97), 2018


3. V. Shebanin, Yu. Kormyshkin. State regulation of agricultural enterprise development.
19. О. Kovalova. Conceptual priorities of structural policy in the development of the agricultural sector of the economy.
34. O. Shebanina. Investment progects and country`s food security guarantee.
45. N. Sirenko, O. Melnyk, I. Barishevskaya. Creative class of knowledge economy.
55. M. Dubinina. Public-private partnership as a component of the institutional and structural transformation of the agricultural sector of the economy.
64. A. Burkovskaya, T. Lunkina. Basic approaches to social responsibility level’s assessment.
73. N. Sharata, I. Pavlov. The essence of the modern term “Public Administration”.
82. T. Melikhova. Improvement of methodological principles of the results and expenses assessment of the enterprise economic security system.
95. M. Domaskina, A. Kolomoytsev. Automatic selection of the optimal solution in the agricultural household.
105. S. Horbach. Eventual trends in the extension of labour of the inhabitants of the regional rural areas.


114. O. Melnik, O. Drozd, I. Melnyk. Ethylene-activity of apples cv. Reinette Simirenko, treated with ethylene inhibitor depending on the harvest date and cultivating place.
123. V. Kuryata, O. Buinyi, V. Rogach. Effect of gibberellin on morphogenesis, formation of photosynthetic apparatus and yield of tomatoes.
133. V. Lykhochvor, V. Pushchak. The effect of seeding rates and intensification technologies on the productivity of cicer arietinum cultivars.
142. E. Domaratsky, A. Dobrovolsky. Influence of non-root infusions with complex multifunctional preparations on the level and qualitative composition of the chlorophyll complex in sunflower plants.
152. H. Popovich, N. Sadovska, M. Habrykevich. The sowing periods and shading net influence on the yield of some varieties of radish in the lowland of Transcarpathia.
164. R. Kulibaba, Y. Liashenko. Analysis of the genetic differentiation of subpopulations of Ukrainian meat-egg purposed chickens using microsatellite markers.
176. N. Shevchuk. Evaluation of highly productive families of the Ukrainian Red Dairy Breed.


186. O. Kimstach, S. Novogretskiy, V. Milev. Span of overhead transmission lines.
199. G. Hospodarenko, S. Poltoretskyi, V. Liubych, V. Novikov, V. Zheliezna, N. Vorobyova, I. Ulianych. Quality formation of pasta and confectionery products from grain of wheat Spelta.

Editorial Board Issue 1 (97), 2018