Honcharenko I., Zhezhuha V., Tverdovska A., Skibinski N. Development of inbound tourism of Lviv and Mykolaiv regions

UDC 339.92:332


Honcharenko I.

Zhezhuha V.

Tverdovska A.

Skibinski N.


Ukraine has all the prerequisites for the intensive development of inbound tourism. For the tourism sector of Ukraine, recent years have become quite difficult.
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization for the period from 2011 to 2018, the number of people who visited Ukraine with a travel company, generally decreased from 234 thousand to 52 thousand.
Therefore, there is a need to intensify efforts to develop activities aimed at creating packages of tourist services by enterprises engaged in the host regions, accommodation, food, transportation, leisure, etc. and promote them on world markets.
Prospects for the spread of tourism activities based on the study of conditions and features of its implementation in Lviv and Mykolaiv regions, developed recommendations for the formation of comprehensive tourism proposals for the development of inbound tourism in the regions.
The attractiveness of the national tourism sector stimulates the growth of tourist flows and ensures the socio-economic development of the country.
Historically, Lviv region is a region where the prospects of the tourism and resort industry were and remain one of the best in Ukraine. The Nikolaev area has much more modest achievements in the field of tourism, and needs fuller realization of available potential.
The comparative success of Lviv region in the field of tourism is quite obvious, but today, along with a number of positive trends, there are a number of problematic issues that hinder the development of tourism, recreation and sanatorium-resort sphere of the region.
Therefore, their quick and effective solution (or minimization of their impact) will create the necessary conditions for improving the quality of tourist services.
A promising direction of intensification of tourist flows not only in a particular region, but also the continuation of routes to potentially attractive tourist centers of Ukraine, is the formation of complex products based on a combination of potentials of different regions of the country.
The results of the analysis indicate that the main problem in the regions is the lack of Tourism Development Programs where the list of effective measures at the regional and local levels is clearly defined.
Such measures should primarily include: the formation of competitive tourism products; providing safe and comfortable transport services, accommodation, meals; advanced training of staff working in the tourism industry.

Keywords: Potential, tourism, inbound tourism, tourist product. 



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Expression of export features of the region by supported International Trade Center

UDC 339.56.055:65.011.56

I. Honcharenko,
N. Shvedova,
O. Kuzmin,
R. Logvinenko

Researching export potential involves searching for and analyzing a large amount of data. This labor-intensive work can be simplified by using special resources created by international organizations, which already gather all the necessary data and submit them in a form that is convenient for analysis.
The Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Mykolaiyv region recommends the use of the instruments of the International Trade Center for the search of reliable information.
Specialists of the RCCI teach entrepreneurs in the region methods for effective information retrieval. Export Potential Map is a tool that helps to establish on the basis of factual data the priority of sectors and markets for informing and developing national and regional export strategies, helping enterprises manage their export decisions. Indicator of export potential ITC determines the potential export value for any exporter in a specific product and target market based on an economic model that combines the exporter’s offer with the requirements of the target market and the conditions of access to the markets. For existing export products, the offer is measured by historical information on the export performance.
The directions and nature of economic relations are developing dynamically or rapidly decreasing, therefore it is sometimes difficult for economic entities to orient themselves and objectively assess the current state of the situation.
Such a problem is also faced by enterprises in the Mykolaiyv region. In recent years, as a result of the reorientation of Ukraine to strengthen ties with the European Union, there have been changes in the geographical structure of export-import relations. Given this, there is a need to find new trading partners and markets for Ukrainian goods.
According to the direction of export of the enterprises of Mykolaiv region, we distinguish the following regions: CIS countries, Europe (EU), countries of Asia, Africa, America.
Potentially possible export destinations for Mykolaiv region are Asian and European countries. In the context of European integration, it is possible to increase export activity towards the following European countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Norway.

Keyword: International Trade Centre, Export Potential Map, export, RCCI.

Expression of export features of the region by supported International Trade Center.

Issue 4 (96), 2017

Export of the regional agricultural products in the context of global trends

UDC 339.564.631.14

I. Honcharenko, A. Kozachenko

The article shows the dynamics in the production of the gross output by enterprises of the agricultural sector in Mykolaiv region. In 2015 there was made 38.1% more of the regional gross agricultural output per region than the average level in Ukraine, crop production – by 1.6 times more, but animal products – by 12.1% less.
The tendencies which are formed during the process of export were noted, namely in 2015 there was an increase of deliveries in physical terms of soybeans – 1.6 times, of vegetables – by 36%, of barley – 27.2 %, of wheat – by 21%, of maize – 10% on the background of reducing of the cost indicators of export of the crop production. At the same time deliveries of edible fruits and nuts reduced – by 40.1%, rape – by 38.5%, sunflower – by 17.1%. Thus the average export prices decreased for all major types of crop production, the largest decreasing was on wheat – by 26.3%.
The article reveals the problematic aspects of export-oriented agricultural enterprises in Ukraine in the development and implementation of quality management systems in comparison to EU member states. Directions of adaptation of regional enterprises to global changes in the food market were proposed. The enterprises of the agricultural sector of the Mykolaiv region should look for niches, which are the most appealing for them, under the conditions, which are formed in the world markets. A focus on the satisfaction of demand of the world market in products which meet the criteria of functional foods could become a promising trend. It is particularly important to provide a high quality and safety of food, as a condition for the increasing of the confidence to the producers in domestic and foreign markets.

Export of the regional agricultural products in the context of global trends

Issue №4 (92), 2016

Strategie of directions implementation of the regional potential

UDC 332.122:379.84

I. Нoncharenko 

In this article are reviewed the basic components of recreational potential of Mykolayiv region,also the author pays  attention  to climate, water resources, natural areas conservation, agrarian tourism facilities.
Ascertained that Mykolaiv region has not notable recreational orientation. Tourist flows, which are registered by the Department of Statistics of the Mykolaiv region, are directed mainly in the foreign countries. A steady downward trend in the number of foreign and domestic tourists, who are serviced by the subjects of the recreational sphere of the region, has formed since 2005. This fact indicates an insufficient use of recreational potential opportunities, which the region has nowadays; moreover the potential of the region can satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign tourists in rest and recovery. The development of tourism in the region is uneven today. It is concentrated mainly in coastal areas and urban areas. The recreational potential of the small villages requires to be implemented.  Factors which have negative impact on it use were discovered.
During the evaluation of the environmental aspects of tourism development within rural areas of Mykolayiv region, we should note that such factors as water pollution; lack of drinking water in rural areas; reducing the area of forest plantations  and planting shelterbelts; flooding of the South-east region; strengthening of the water and wind erosion, have a restrictive effect on it.
This requires appropriate measures of greening activities.
The author emphasized that tourism should take into account criteria of compatibility with nature, with people’s health and also social, economic and technological compatibility.
Among the strategic directions of the recreational potential of the region was highlighted the creation of regional networks based on the agritourism farms or small forms of farming (rural hotel, fishing and hunting lodges); the recovery of the  socio-cultural environment and historical settlements ( national historic villages, monasteries), creation of agro-tourist complex, which includes production, processing, consumption of food in rural areas; the development of socio-cultural environment and agritourism. Also the author proposed to begin  the formation of the regional brands.
The attention is paid to the need of intensification of the activity and increasing the interest to the issue of the realization of the recreational potential of the region,  of the  key investors, ​​including business organizations, local communities, government.

Keywords: recreational potential, rural areas, agro-tourism, tourists.

Strategie of directions implementation of the regional potential

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Рricing policy and marketing strategies of agrarian enterprises

UDK 338.53:005.21:631.145

I. Honcharenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

The paper deals with price and marketing pricing strategies of agrarian enterprises in Ukraine. The aim of this paper is to determine the conditions of pricing policy of the firms within competitive markets of various types and justification of the price policy measures for agrarian producers considering patterns of supply and demand for products in
different areas of competitive conditions.

Key words
price, pricing strategies, marketing, agrarian enterprises (more…)

Necessity of Agritourism Development in Mykolaiv Region

Number, year

4(81), 2014
UNC 338.48-44(1-22)(477.74)

I. Honcharenko
K. Konovalenko
J. Sokrovishchuk

The article presents the modern conception of the agrarian tourism as the type of business activity and essential factor of the long-term development of rural areas.

The article describes the significant development and popularity of agritourism in European and other countries of the world as the most attractive type of spending vacation in the modern world.

Also it examines the successful implementation of international experience within the territory of Mykolayiv Region as well. The motivation of the agricultural tourism development in the region has been studied thoroughly, namely:

– environmental degradation and worsening of the psychological situation in the urban areas;

– revival of the interest to the elements of traditional folk culture;

– desire to feel yourself as a common village citizen and to have a rest in the environmentally friendly areas;

– search for the new sources of financial situation improvement of rural residents;

– growing interest to visiting the rural backwoods;

– search for the new spheres and objects of investment;

– tightening competition in the traditional spheres of investment in the rural areas.

High resource potential of Mykolayiv Region can give an impulse to the development of agricultural tourism, the main tasks of which are: revival of the agriculture; the termination of migration flow from the rural to urban areas; development of competition in the travel services market based on the qualitative agritourism in its various forms; preservation and revival of cultural heritage and natural monuments in rural areas; rural infrastructure development on the tourist objects and adjoining territories; improvement of the environmental education of the population and the preservation of the environment; development and improvement of the transportation network, building the hotels in rural areas and etc., to develop a promotion system for a new tourism product at the market.

Despite some difficulties of agricultural tourism formation in Mykolayiv Region, namely a lack of investment volume into the rural infrastructure by the public authorities, a limited popularization of the rural tourism, low level of economic awareness and businessmen’s awareness in questions of tourism business activities, social and economic importance of agrarian tourism in Mykolayiv Region is really remarkable and positive and will make our region more attractive in the sphere of agricultural tourism. (more…)

Світовий досвід подолання проблем охорони здоров’я у формуванні людського капіталу сільських територій України

Номер, рік
1(71), 2013


І.В. Гончаренко, доктор економічних наук, доцент
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет

У статті розглянуто проблеми охорони здоров’я у формуванні людського капіталу сільських територій України, розкрито досвід розвинених країн у забезпеченні високих стандартів систем охорони здоров’я.

Ключові слова
людський капітал, охорона здоров’я, сільські території