The influence of modern plant growth regulators on leaf-area duration of false flax spring

UDC 633.85:631.811.98

V. Gamayunova, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor
I. Moskva, post graduate student
Nikolaev National Agrarian University, Nikolaev, Ukraine

The article contains the research results concerning the influence of using the advanced farming techniques on the leaf-area duration increasing of Stepovuy 1 variety of Camelina sativa L. Crantz. Research has shown that the highest index of the leaf-area duration of the false flax spring plants was after foliar application at the blooming period by Escort-Bio.
It was specified that using the modern plant growth regulators influences a lot on the leaf-area duration of false flax spring.
The highest index was at the blooming period and increased under the influence of the preseeding treatment at the main growing periods by modern biologies and background preseeding treatment by mineral fertilizers. The maximum assimilating area of Camelina sativa L. Crantz plants was after background preseeding treatment by N₁₅P₁₅K₁₅ and three-time foliar application (at the seadling period, at the blooming period and at the grain-filling period) by Escort-Bio. It was 9,60 thous. /hа 3-year average. But if was defined that assimilating area was almost the same after only one-time foliar application (at the blooming period) either by Escort-Bio or other biologies and by Crystalon yellow multiple-nutrient fertilizer treatment.
It was specified that the assimilating area of Camelina sativa L. Crantz plants increased a lot after preseeding treatment by Mochevin-K6 and Escort-Bio. So at the blooming period the three-year average index was 26,8-39,4%. And by adding the foliar application at the main growing periods with N₁₅P₁₅K₁₅ background and Crystalon yellow treatment the three-year average index increased by 42,9-51,6%.

Keyword: false flax spring (Camelina sativa L. Crantz), leaf-area duration, growth regulators.

The influence of modern plant growth regulators on leaf-area duration of false flax spring.

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Issue 3 (95), 2017

Conditions and perspectives of spring false flax growth in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

UDC 633.85(477.7)

I. Moskva, Ph. D. candidate
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

The article highlights conditions and perspectives of spring false flax growth in Ukraine. It is presented a review of classical and contemporary literature sources concerning this culture.
False flax is a culture of multidimensional use. Camelina oil is a valuable product of technical and daily use and of healthy meals; also it can be used as a raw material for biodiesel production.
Due to invention of the new areas of application the popularity of spring false flax and its products in other countries is growing rapidly, especially in the USA and Western Europe. So it is necessary to examine in depth the cultivation features and the value of this culture and to extend its use in Ukraine.
The research aim is to highlight the economic importance, natural area and biological characteristics to introduce in the plant introduction and to increase the growth area of this valuable and important crop, which can and should take a leading place among oilseed crops in our country, particularly in the southern zone.
Ukraine’s oil market is one of the most promising spheres of agricultural production. At the world market the demand on oil products are increasing and they take leading positions in the economy of producer States.
The solving of these issues can help to increase supply & demand of false flax seeds, to increase the agricultural production of this crop, to reboot the processing capacities and to increase exports.
The scientific researches about improving the growth techniques under the soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine can increase the seed production of Camelina sativa.
So there are objective reasons to believe that the spring false flax in Ukraine, as an ancient but forgotten oil plant, in the very near future will take an important place in the oil production for biodiesel and high-protein feed in the form of oil-meal and oil-cake. And the guarantee of this is the extremely adaptability to the agro-ecological conditions of cultivation and high production profitability.

Key words: spring false flax, growth techniques, oil, oil cake.

Issue 1(88). 2016