Issue 3 (99), 2018


4. O. V. Shebanina, A. I. Burkovska Regulation of production capacity of agricultural production on the basis of food security indicators.
12. N. Potryvaieva, O. Lugova, N. Janovsjka, Ju. Klochan. International standards of financial reporting as the basis of accounting development in the conditions of globalization of the economy
20. O. Lazarieva. Strategy of Sustainable Land-Tenure Development at the Regional Level.
26. A. Poltorak. System taxonomy of financial security.
33. О. Kupchyshina.  Monitoring of regulatory policy in the agricultural sector of economic of Ukraine.


40. T. Pidpala, Ye. Zaitsev. Productive longevity of dairy cattle of Holstein breed of different selection.
46. T. Panasova, S. Kulynych, R. Lysanets. The efficiency of electrometric method of estrus detection in cows.
51. V. A. Lehkodukh, M. M. Lutsenko.  The perspectives for the development of robotized milking systems technology.
56. V. O. Rokotianska. The effect of nanoacquahelates on the biological usefulness of spermatozoons.
61. V. Karpenko, S. Pavlyshyn. Activity of antioxidant enzymes in plants of amelcorn under the influence of prima forte 195 herbicide and wuxal BIO Vita plant growth regulator.
66. A. Kryvenko. Efficiency of siderial cultures organic mass accumulation in dependence on soil treatment in south steppe of Ukraine.
73. V. M. Lovynska. Local density of live biomass components of Pinus sylvestris L. within Northern Steppe of Ukraine.
79. V. Sakhnenko, D. Sakhnenko. Formation and forecast of the dynamics of populations of eurygaster integriceps on winter wheat under new farming systems.
84. E. V. Zinchenko. Biological model of egg-plants suitable for processing.


89. M. Kundenko, O. Egorova, I. Shinkarenko, I. Boroday, A. Kundenko. Measurement of dielectric permeability of biological substances
94. D. Babenko, O. Gorbenko, N. Dotsenko, N. Kim. Theoretical aspects of oil separation process by pressing.

Editorial Board Issue 3 (99), 2018

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