Appoximation of the development process of the socio-economic system of Ukraine

UDC 316.3:33(477)

O. Bilichenko

The development of the socio-economic system of Ukraine requires the formation of a balanced macroeconomic policy. The problem of economic development of the country is not new, but changes in the external and internal environment leave research in this direction relevant.
The socio-economic system covers the processes of production, exchange, distribution and consumption of material goods. In structure it is complicated, but belongs to a class of cybernetic, that is, controlled systems. It is practically impossible to take into account all probable changes. However, it is possible to identify the system-forming elements and with the help of approximation with a certain probability to predict their influence. Approximation is a method of conscious simplification of too accurate theoretical knowledge in order to bring it into line with the needs and opportunities of practice.
Economic development of the country constrains military conflicts, fluctuations in the national currency, and excessive taxes. Development of a policy of economic development of the country requires the establishment of planned indicators. For their achievement, direct and indirect instruments of influence on macroeconomic processes are used. In the case of projected changes, it is also important to provide alternatives for further action.
Economic development occurs under the condition of an aggregate supply in the country. An internal source for this may be the redistribution of capital investment between types of economic activity. To achieve a potential level of production, you need to create a sufficient number of jobs. World practice proves the need to stimulate the processing of raw materials for the manufacture of products suitable for end use. Regulation of the level of interest rates affects the monetary policy of the country. In order to reduce the cost of attracted and placed money, the National Bank of Ukraine reduces the discount rate, thus using one of the tools of direct monetary policy regulation.

Keyword: approximation, economic development, aggregate supply, consumption fund, investment, employment, interest, inflation targeting.

Appoximation of the development process of the socio-economic system of Ukraine.

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Issue 3 (95), 2017

Ways to maximize the profits of enterprises

UNC 330.143:658.155

O. S. Bilichenko. Path to maximize the profits of enterprises

Market system of management, which is formed in Ukraine, makes changing forms and methods of management of enterprise an economy requires new approaches to the place and role of the company in the development of social production.
A variety of views of problems of the theory of economic profit can be generalized as a difference between the income and expenses of the enterprise. Achievement of the best result in the conditions of the perfect competition though has the differences, however falls under the main theoretical representations.
There are many concepts of scientists and methods which characterize the category of «profit» as an indicator of a business entity. In determining this figure, the subject estimates the opportunities, sums up the results of the carried-out work and defines result.
The profit is a source of expanded reproduction, creation of funds of consumption, the contents and development of the non-productive sphere, production and social development of the enterprise, material encouragement.
The modern economic theory investigates the income section of microeconomics. The theory of firm behavior distinguishes the concept of economic, accounting and normal profit.
Two methods can help to answer a question about the profit-maximizing firm: total value comparison method and the method of comparison of limit sizes. Except the specified methods the operational method is offered in scientific literature.
The enterprise, under the terms of functioning close to absolutely competitive, can receive both economic profit and economic damage in the short-term period.
The normal profit for absolutely competitive branch is equal to zero in the long-term period. In the long-term period such enterprise won’t get economic profit.
For effective functioning of the enterprises in the conditions of the perfect competition it is worth coming nearer to the best conditions of managing due to possession of rare species of natural resources or location favorable conditions; uses of trademarks, brands, copyright; carrying out continuous monitoring of a market situation with the purpose of reorientation to production of innovative, exclusive goods or granting special (not inherent in the field) services; advertizing of the enterprise, specifics of its goods or services.

profit, profit maximization, perfect competition, economic profit, accounting profit, normal profit, total value comparison method, method of comparison of limit sizes, operational method. (more…)

Disciplinary Policy and Instruments of its Realization in Labor Collective

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UNC 330.1081


Necessary condition for social work organization of the enterprises and the industry sector is observance of the labor regulations. The goal of the labor process can not achieve without enforcement employees certain regulations, without observance of labor discipline.

Employment relationships are changingthatencouragescontinued research oneffectiveapproaches toimplementingdisciplinarypolicyteam.

The aim ofthis article is tostudy the features ofdisciplinarypoliciesand instruments for itsimplementation inthe workplacein modern economicconditions.

The interactionandrelationship betweencompanyemployeesare governedby internalregulations.

The internal schedule regulates the labor disciplineandensures a comfortablepsychological environmentfor employeesin the workplace.

Social control is important thing in the process of implementing disciplinary policies in the workplace. Social control is a means ofpersuasion, suggestion, regulations and prohibitions,enforcementsystem, the system of meansexpressionrecognition,distinctions,awards,through which thebehaviorof individualsandsubgroupsis providedaccording to thesamplesand values.

Conclusion of employment contracts became widespread in some organizations and companies. The employment contract is a special form of labor contract. The labor contracts concluded with scientific-pedagogical staff to strengthen labor discipline in Mykolayiv National Agrarian University. An employment contract individualizing each agreement, fill it with specific content: regulate in detail the rights and obligations of the parties, the regime of work and leisure, social conditions, the form and amount of remuneration for the work and any additional conditions.

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