Issue 4 (104), 2019

Титульний лист


O. Shebanina, I. Shapovalova, A. Tverdovska. The role of crop production regulation in improving the competitiveness of the agricultural sector of Ukraine 4
M. Mardar, G. Lozovska, S. Pambuk, K. Hozhelova. The main trends in the development of dairy market and marketing methods of its promotion 12
L. Babachenko, V. Moskalenko, A. Marchenko. Recent trends for using digitalmarketing tools in business 20


M. M. Korkhova. Productivity of winter wheat spelt in the South Steps of Ukraine 30
I. Ivanova, M. Serdiuk, V. Malkina, A. Shkinder-Barmina, I. Kryvonos. Cherry yield depending on the climatic conditions of the cultivation years 38
M. Kulyk, N. Syplyva, I. Rozhko, Y. Bozhok. Agrobiological specifics of switchgrass seed productivity formation 51
Yu. Duda, M. Prus. Proteinogram and indicators of immunity during рassalurosis of rabbits with different level of invasion intensity 61
Yu. Gritsienko, M. Gill, M. Kosenko. Polymorphism of the genetic-biochemical systems of modern Ukrainian breeds of milk livestock productivity 71
О. Mykhalko, M. Povod. Annual dynamics of dependence of sows productivity on design features of farrowing equipment in an industrial complex during the year 80


G. M. Kaletnyk. Prospects for increasing energy autonomy of the agriculture in accordance with the energy strategy of Ukraine 90
M. Linnik, V. Volsky, R. Kotsiubynsky. Systematic approach to the substantiation of the technological scheme and structure of a combined machine for cultivating corn stubble 99
V. Dvoryk, K. Borak, S. Dobranskiy, D. Gerasumchyk. Effect of preliminary corrosion on the steel fretting intensity 106
E. Aliev, V. Dudin, A. Gavrilchenko, V. Ivlev. Modeling of the separation process of bulk material according to its physical and mechanical properties 114
I. Baczurovskaya. The Technology of applying mass open online courses in educational training of masters of agricultural engineering 122