Issue 4 (108), 2020

Cover sheet



Yu. Kormishkin. SMART growth economic development strategy for associations of territorial communities 4
I. Krylova, T. Ivanenko. Social and economic risk of household poverty in Ukraine 12
L. Antipova. Formation of the alfalfa variety productivity for hay in the steppe of southern Ukraine 21
A. Mohylnytska, A. Panfilova. Estimation and modeling of the influence of weather and climatic conditions on the yield of winter wheat 29

M. Fedorchuk, O. Kovalenko, V. Havrish, A. Chernova, V. Hruban. Energy evaluation of sorghum growing technology in the South of Mykolaiv region

T. Manushkina, А. Drobitko, T. Kachanova, O. Heraschenko. Ecological features of No-till technology in the conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine 47
A. Dobrovolskyi, O. Kovalenko, L. Andreychenko, N. Koloyanidi. Influence of seeding methods on the duration of the growing season and productivity of chickpea varieties 54
L. Pokoptseva, O. Eremenko, L. Todorova, N. Nezhnova. Formation of sunflower productivity of Euralis selection in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine 62
S. Kramarenko, A. Kramarenko, S. Lugovoy, D. Balan, K. Zemoglyadchuk. The effects of breed, sire and environmental factors on the birth and weaning weight of lambs 70
E.  Karatieieva, I.  Lesik. Assessment of the exterior of the main measurements of the physique of heifers depending on their origin 79


L. Vakhonina, N. Potryvaieva, О. Sadovyi. Fine elastic circular inclusion in the area of harmonic vibrations of an unlimited body under smooth contact 88
N. Novikova, N. Antonenko. Feasibility of use of wheat variety “Kosovitsa” and vegetable concentrating additives in the technology of producing grain loads 97