Issue 4(87).


3. M. Sakhatzkiy, I. Ksonzhyk. Export activity of agrarian enterprises in Ukraine: trends, specificity, potential formation.
13. I. Нoncharenko. Strategie of directions implementation of the regional potential.
20. O. Vyshnevskaya, N. Bobrovskaya. International law approximation in preservation and restoration of the environment.
30. Yu. Kormyshkin. Organizational and economic relations agricultural enterprises – the trade community.
38. A. Burkovskaya, Т. Lunkina. Corporate social responsibility development in Ukraine.
44. J. Tymchyshyn-Chemerys. Tourism cluster as a form of the sphere’s successful development in the region.
58. R. Sadridinov. Trends and features of agrarian enterprises’ foreign trade in Mykolayiv region.
68. N. Shyshpanova. The state policy of development of labor potential of rural territories.
77. S. Pavliuk. The world practice of state regulation of rural development.
87. A. Krychyniuk. The reformation of activity of ratings agencies at the micro level of the banking system of Ukraine.


102. L. K. Antipova. Herbs in the south of Ukraine: problems and ways of improvement.
111. O. Buinyi, V. Kuryata, V. Rogach. The action of 6-benzylaminopurine on the formation and functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus of tomatoes.
119. V. Lopushnyak, G. Hrytsulyak. Dynamics of iron and manganese content in sewage sludge for long term storage and composting.
127. L. Pokoptseva, O. Eremenko, D. Bulgakov. Аpplication of plant growth regulators for pre-sowing treatment of Аrmada hybrid sunflower seeds.
136. I. Yanchenko. Influence of varietal characteristics of crimson bee baim the formation of raw materials in conditions of the South Steppes of Ukraine.
145. V. Pelykh, S. Ushakova. Pig productivity increase through compatibility of cross parental pairs in two-way crossing.
153. S. Bondar. Evaluation bulls-producers for the manifestation of the paired signs in their daughters.
161. I. Pishchan. High active realization of milk ejection reflex of swiss breed cows at the milking machines “Parallel”.

Editorial Board Issue 4 (87), 2015